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Who are we?

ARION PARTNERS & CONSULTING is a community of professionals who have been operating for over ten years in several high value-added areas and sectors in Africa and Europe including Automotive Industry, Agribusiness, Banking and Engineering consultancy.
By founding, ARION PARTNERS & CONSULTING, we have decided to go beyond our casual operational scopes and make business leaders, investors and professionals benefit from our strategic purchasing experience and project management expertise.

Invest in Morocco

Over the past two decades, Morocco has asserted itself as an emerging economic player in the world and a pillar of economic cooperation in Africa.

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Invest in Africa

Cradle of humankind before 7 million years, Africa is considered one of the most virgin lands on earth. Virgin in terms of resource exploitation, agricultural unexplored lands and business opportunities.

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Consultants Experiences and Partners

Business Areas

ARION PARTNERS & CONSULTING team is distinctively, able to support you independently of the business sector in which you plan to invest. Through their significant multisectorial experiences and their strong background in strategic purchasing, ARION PARTNERS & CONSULTING guarantees to you a complete, precise and valuable services portfolio.
ARION PARTNERS & CONSULTING acts on economy’s strategic business orientations but also believes and trusts on emerging economy trends and revolutionary business areas.

With 18.5% of the National GDP, Moroccan industry employs more than 22% of the country’s workforce.

Through its History and economy evolution, Morocco is basically an agricultural country.

In 2019, Morocco hosted more than 13 million tourists, a growth rate of more than 5.2% compared to 2018, with more than 25.2 million overnight stays.

The country logistics infrastructure is considered to be the gate to the international trade network and the key of strategic positionning worldwide.

Morocco is an active member of the « Paris Climate Convention Agreement ». This commitment to a different perspective of the world’s future.

Morocco and since early 2000’s, has opened up to Offshoring activities and Outsourcing services.

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